My mother hurt her knee and for one month she could not even straghten up her knee, after one session she was able to move it the very same day and was playing cricket on her birthday.

Diana F

I feel healed from my chronic chest muscle pain that could not be resolved for the past 2 years after clearing the heart wasll I felt so much in control of my emotional state, no PMS symptoms, no mood swings, no blues-even my husband noticed it. Thank you.

Denu S

I have all but praises for Harsiddhi and the process. To start with, I was super skeptical coz how someone miles away can remotely understand me and help me. The results and the insights she gave me from the first session were amazing. They were something I could not come up with after multiple traditional therapy sessions. She helped me with sleeplessness, indecisiveness and so much more. I am more at peace with myself and various aspects of my life.


My daughter was all grown up and confident overnight after just one session of working on her self-confidence.

Shilpa V

It was such a wonderful experience. I had been in pain for almost 2 years with Planter Fascitis and it hurt real bad. Just after ones session, it vanished the very next day.

Diana F

I am purely speechless for my bealing. Everything that Harsiddhi said in the sessions made perfect sense in my life. I was so amazed to hear phrases that no one knew apart from me. I can’t believe how efficiently you healed me emotionaly.

Sonu K

My OCD for checking and rechecking the locks, gas, heater again and again for 30 minutes every night for last 12 years got resolved to 30 seconds next day after the session.


After the first session all my pains have reduced big time and I am feeling much better than I was just one week back. I sencerely thank you for all your efforts.


I just wanted to thatnk you for everything you’ve done for me. MpowerU Wellness has been a LIFE CHANGER. I never knew about the things that were stopping me from achieving what I wanted to achieve in life. Your readings are just so accurate and couldn’t have thank you more for being so patient in my journey. Coming to you was one of the best decisions of my life.


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